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Size Guide

Scarpa Size Guide Shoes

All SCARPA non-plastic footwear uses European sizing
* 1 Euro whole size­ = 6.6 mm = 0.26 inches
* 1 US whole size = 8.4 mm = 0.33 inches
* The 30 Euro sizes above cover the same size range as 24 US sizes.
* More Euro sizes provide a better, more precise fit for your intended use.

Rock Shoes: downsize 1/2 to 2 full sizes from street shoe size
* downsizing depends on model, intended use, and personal preference.

Mountaineering: Upsize (1/2+ sizes) depending on desired fit
* SCARPA plastic mountaineering boots are based on the UK sizing scale.

Ski Boots: All SCARPA ski boots are measured in Mondo sizing
* Highlighted (or not) sizes share the same shell size; the liners are lasted for each 1/2 size. Some skiers may want to downsize up to 1 full Mondo size, depending upon personal preference.